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The EscherSite Mindset 


This gallery only buys and sells original Escher artwork. I do not sell posters or reproductions. Every work I sell is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic. I have many years of experience helping museums, art dealers, and collectors determine authenticity. Starting January 2024, all works I sell are registered with the M.C. Escher Foundation as authentic.

Authenticity is determined by comparing the example we sell to other known examples. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, Escher was very consistent with his techniques, his signature, and even the papers he used. I do not buy or sell inconsistent works. 

I will authenticate works, but please do not call or email and expect a response without providing an image of the work and its provenance as a minimum starting point.

Every work I sell is treated with love. I only use acid-free mats and backing. I use museum archival framing techniques. I prefer UV acrylic (plexiglass) as it does not break if the work ever falls. One thing guaranteed to cause uncontrollable weeping is seeing a work damaged by broken glass.

All that aside, my mission is to find a safe home for Escher's artwork. Let's be honest, no one truly owns an artwork, the most we can do is be caretakers. If treated properly, these artworks will live for centuries beyond us. Nothing pleases me more to place an Escher into a home where it will be cherished (preferably my own!), whether you are parting with your Escher artwork, or buying your first one, I am happy to help Escher's artwork find a home where it belongs.  Due to my affiliation with the MC Escher Foundation and my support of museum exhibitions, if you want your artwork to become part of a traveling collection that is displayed in museums around the world, please let me know.


 Salvatore Iaquinta

 Secretary of the MC Escher Foundation 

PS. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Other FAQ's are here.


Escher at Palacio de Gaviria, Madrid, Spain  

The Magic of MC Escher at the Boca Raton Museum of Art

Escher in Milan                   

Escher at ArtScience Museum, Singapore                        

The Worlds of MC Escher at The North Carolina Museum of Art                           

Escher exhibit in Reggio Emilia, Italy                                 

M.C. Escher: Letters to Canada  by George Escher and Cyndie Campbell (book)

The Magical World of MC Escher at The Deland Museum of Art, FL 

Escher's Journey at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Escher: The Exhibition and Experience at Industry City, Brooklyn, NY

Escher at Salone degli Incanti in Trieste, Italy

Escher in Rome, Italy 

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