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What is the value of an original MC Escher print?


    This is a tough question to answer.  The range is from a few hundred dollars to well over a hundred thousand dollars.  The least expensive prints tend to be smaller, lesser known pieces.  That being said, you can find prints that are “classic” Escher works for a couple thousand dollars.


    The value of a print is often determined by auction history.  These figures are not always accessible to the public for free.  Also, some prints are in larger editions than others, which means some prints have more recent, and more reproducible, results than others.  


    Lastly, and definitely not least, is the condition of a print.  A heavily damaged print garners little interest from anyone, even when it is rare in number.  A pristine print, even when common, raises eyebrows.


    It might not be fair to compare art to comic books, but I’ll do so anyway (at the risk of the art world elitists turning their noses up at me).  The highest price paid for a first-edition Superman comic is 2.1 million dollars.  It was grade 9.0.  An 8.5 comic sold for 1.5 million.  A half-grade difference, two different auctions, one year apart and a 600,000 dollar difference.  


    The same is true for works on paper.  If you own a print, even if you aren’t interested in selling, you should be well versed in how to take care of it.  You don’t want your grade 9 to turn into a 7.  Please contact me with any questions, I would be happy to evaluate your artwork and make suggestions.  My first suggestion: keep it out of the sunlight. Second: Acid free matting and backing. Three: No glass - use UV plexiglass or Optium. Shattered glass will shred art.


Please ask questions - it’s a great way to learn.

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