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     M.C. ESCHER


        The Gallery specializing in Original Escher Art.

      We buy & sell only M.C. Escher original artwork.*

Buy Original M.C. Escher Artwork                                  

  Original Escher woodcuts and lithographs on offer. No posters. No reproductions.

M.C. Escher Image Gallery

    A giant gallery of M.C. Escher artwork and information.

M.C Escher Information

   Learn how Escher created his artworks and what an original is...and isn't.

M.C. Escher Artwork of the Month

  An original artwork available for purchase and all the factoids that accompany it!

The Escher Blog

   Curated details about a specific print, theme, or technique. Nuggets for the obsessed!

*We have signed Escher artworks as well as unsigned. About 1/2 of all original Escher artworks were unsigned. All Escher artworks were printed during his life. There are no posthumous prints.

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