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These special items are not made by Escher's hand, yet have their own place in the history of his artwork...from the cookie tin he designed to a unique reproduction of Metamorphosis III, a work he printed only six times.    For original Escher artworks please click HERE. 


The Verblifa company commissioned Escher to create a candy tin design for their 75th anniversary.   He created a unique icosahedron-shaped tin decorated by a seashell and starfish tessellation. To create the tin a single slit is made from one corner of the hexagon template to the center.  Then, the hexagon is folded so that two triangular components neighboring the slit overlap; the overlapping limbs turn a two-dimensional hexagon into a pentagonal pyramid.  Two-D becomes a Three- D object...even its construction was Escher-like!

The photos above are the actual tin.  It has minor scratches and no chocolate!     Price $2600  Free shipping in the US.  Please inquire or use PayPal button.

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Metamorphosis III giclee print.

Paper size: 17 inches tall and 24 feet long.   

Image size 7.5 inches tall and approx 268 inches long. 

This unique giclee print of Metamorphosis III is very close to the original size and has stunning color and detail (down to some of the imperfections in the print including Escher's smudge marks when hand printing the original, not to say Escher wasn't perfect...).  It bears an Escher Foundation embossment in the lower right. It is printed on Hahnemühle paper and created as a prototype for a museum exhibition in which it was not used. 

This is the only full size Metamorphosis III reproduction ever created.  


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