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Cattolica di Stilo, Calabria

Cattolica di Stilo, Calabria

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Escher traveled Calabria with his friend, Giuseppe Haas-Triverio, during springtime of 1930. The two artists sought out interesting sites to inspire future artworks. The adventure was fruitful, Escher created 13 sequential artworks based on the area, starting with the woodcut Palizzi.  Cattolica di Stilo, appropriately, was number five, perfect for the five spired Byzantine church.  Escher exercised a little creative liberty in the composition, erasing the town in the distance to give us a far more remote, and maybe a bit mysterious, lone fairytale church perched on a mountaintop.


This rare, early work is signed and numbered by Escher. Only forty were printing and many have been lost to time. Please inquire.  

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    8 7/8 x 11 3/4”

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