The printmakers’ society Nederlandsche Ex Libris-Kring commissioned Escher to create a card in recognition of the Dutch Underground of World War II. The text at the bottom reads “We shall come out!” Escher captures the perspective of leaving a confining underground space into an open world where trees reach up to the soaring birds in the sky above.  What better way to show the war is over?  Escher proves once again that composition is just as important as technical mastery in this small woodcut.


This perspective piece uses a grid-like pattern for the walls that is seen in two other works, the 1947 mastepiece Other World and the 1945 work Doric Columns.


The Well is catalogue as New Year’s greeting-card 1947, Nederlandsche ExLibris-King, The Hauge in many books.


This celebratory work is available. Please inquire.

The Well

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