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Escher wrote to his friend Hans deRijk, “Furthermore, I had probably already spent so much energy in thinking out the details of this image that I was too numb to be able to better meet aesthetic requirements. I simply have to rack my brains to produce these prints. Besides, none was ever made for the primary purpose of creating 'something beautiful.' That is also the reason that I never quite feel in the right place while I am among my fellow graphic artists. They strive for 'beauty' first and foremost (even though this concept has changed greatly since the 17th century for them as well), while I, on the other hand, focus maybe exclusively on the elment of wonder, and, therefore I also try to evoke only a sense of wonder in my viewers...”


Escher struggled to fill in the center of the print but never figured out that the image was recursive.  It spirals in on itself forever!  The Dutch mathematician, Henrik Lenstra, figured out the error Escher made in his graphs and finished the problem for Escher.


The Print Gallery itself houses artworks that reference Horseman, Sky and Water, Three Spheres I, and Rind.  


This excellent work is available!  Please inquire.

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    12 1/2 x 12 1/2”

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