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Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror
  • Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror

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    It is possible Escher drew inspiration for his spherical self portrait from the Parmigianino self portrait from 1524. Parmigianino painted his portrait on a convex piece of wood while using his reflection in a sphere as a study. Escher created his image on a flat wood block. Escher’s composition includes more of the surrounding room along with Escher farther away from the sphere, together these features accentuate the curve of the mirrored ball Escher is reflected in.


    This is Escher’s second self-portrait woodcut created from a spherical reflection. The first is in the Flor de Pascua suite. Escher also made three lithographs utilizing reflective spheres.  


    This hard to find self-portrait is available. It is in a circular mat and circular frame!

    Please inquire.



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      3 1/4” diameter

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